Yoland Collection Sri Lanka - Yolanda Aluwihare | About us
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Yolanda Aluwihare Holm

With more than 45 years of design experience, the name Yolanda Aluwihare Holm has always been synonymous with haute couture fashion in Sri Lanka.   Her unique meteoric rise to fame is indeed a truly amazing journey.   Her success as a designer and her runway shows in the fashion capitals, is a story that illustrates her undying perfectionism and unquestionable talent for couture fashion. Inspired by colours of nature each of her creations are elegant and unique due to the fabric and designs being hand crafted.


An artist at heart, her training at Lyons, France on the complex art of silk painting and her experience with natural fabric and batik design are the lethal combination that distinguishes her clothing from an already cluttered market. Over the years her silhouettes  have evolved in keeping with contemporary fashions.  Timeless designs, lush fabrics, extraordinary colour combinations and an eye for perfection has earned Yolanda a place on the fashion platform of fame both nationally and internationally.  But her story doesn’t end here, her designs continue to mesmerize fashion enthusiasts throughout the world.


“Beauty surrounds me… the designer in me never sleeps,

I receive my inspiration from the ever evolving beauty of nature”

My mission is to take my label to greater heights, incorporating new ideas whilst continuously retaining its essence and quality”.


Chairperson/ Managing Director